getting to know :: talia felicia - video

hey friends!  i finally posted my first youtube video!! i can't even begin to tell you he angst i had in sharing this video.  lol... this whole thing sounded like a good idea when i started, but then after i hit publish, i was like..."oh em gee! what did i just do?!?!"  if you haven't yet,  you can read about how I started my journey here.

here is my little disclaimer regarding this first

This is my very first You Tube Video.

I want to share my story of how Christ is helping me through my weight loss journey, through the lens of faith, fashion and fitness.
I love Jesus.  I hope that through everything you all can see my heart for Him in what I do.

Disclaimer - I almost didn't post this video because there where a few things that I didn't like and I won't explain them all  Just know that when I recorded this, the timing was really random (July 31, 2016).  We were heading to Orlando in a few minutes; I walked in the office to open my blinds and I was like "girl, that's some good light, just record!" And that is how this first video was born.

Believe me, I have been praying about how to come to you all, what God wants me to say and how He wants me to communicate it.  I am me, and he uses us the way we are.  

With that being said, excuse the excessive eye movement (I am a creative, so I talk with my eyes and visualize in my head a lot), excessive dry mouth (i.e. lip smacking) and choppy transitions (this is the first video I have ever edited).
Show your girl some grace, it is the first one.  I will not do all this explaining henceforth, but hey...we're getting to know each other, and I must be honest, I was super apprehensive about putting it out.  But I can't do what the Lord tells me to do being afraid; so here goes! I hope it blesses you.  And you can laugh, cause I laughed at myself every time I watched it.  

God bless you all.  I love you,  I am praying for you and Jesus loves you most!

Now what you have been waiting for .....

too cute to be fat

this is me.  my personal mantra.  not the only one, but one, and you are welcome to borrow mine if you don't have your own.  this blog has been a legit 3 years in the making.  derailed temporarily by pregnancy, financial issues and at times pure laziness.  but it was always there, looming in the back of my mind; staring back at me when i looked at myself in the mirror.

this journey begins in September 2012, when i started walking regularly with a friend.  of course we talked about our goals, dreams of being fit and knew that it was time to make things right with our bodies.  during one of our walks i mentioned that i was gonna start a fashion and fitness blog called "i did it for fashion."  i bought a couple of goal outfits from Ann Taylor and  started plotting.  

fast forward six months.  by this time i had been displaced from my day job, was working on becoming a full-time entrepreneur and my hubs was really wanting another kid.  i had held that request at bay as long as i could.  i literally thought to myself "i guess another kid would be cool," and lo and behold i was preggers like 2 days later...seriously.  my baby decided to make his debut 3 months early and made the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 extremely interesting.  life continued to happen that year as we suffered great loss personally, but had great success professionally.  my business started to really take off and this dream just kept getting pushed further and further down on the totem pole.  

now. life is still life, but i am blessed and things are more stable.  i have finally decided that being an entrepreneur is all i want to do; so i have been able to thrust my focus into the things that i love and stop looking for jobs that aren't meant for me any way.  my belief is that this blog is part of my purpose, but that it will also be what saves my life.  if only one person reads this blog (hey K...okay two people, because my husband is contractually obligated) then i must jeep going.  not for them, but for me.  see, you all out there, you will be my support system.  in turn i hope i can inspire you in some way while we cheer each other on.  

you need to know that this whole too cute to be fat thing came about because i really love clothes, and i really think i am cute and i really want to look super cute in my clothes, some of which i cannot obtain in plus sizes. this phrase would be how i would explain my fitness goals/journey when asked because it was easier than telling my life story.  but trust me, this journey is so much bigger than physical appearance, and i know that.  the discipline, faith, prayer and positivity that it takes to make the type of changes that i need to make for the hard work that needs to beyond is monumental.  changing one's body is not the biggest hurdle.  its changing one's mindset.  this has become my goal.  consistency and commitment.  which has helped bring contentment, and allowed me to love the skin i am in at every stage of this process.   

the phrase is not to bash anyone.  i know that everyone is not made to be, nor will want to be skinny.  this blog is not about being skinny, shoot, i am not even sure yet what my personal goal weight is..  this blog is about being my best self.  again, too cute to be fat is my personal mantra, my motivator, the thing that helps me run the last mile. its important that if your haven't yet, you find yours. 

i am so glad to have you here and wish you many blessings and peace.  stay connected, holler at me on social media, say hello! i would love to get to know you.  join the movement #toocutetobefat

in optimal health and love,

- Talia Felicia

P.S. I will be updating progress photos here.